Wild Child Photography
Augusta, Maine

Bio: Wild Child Photography is a professional Photography studio based primarily on Equine and Animal/Wildlife Photography at an affordable price. We all know that owning a horse or horses can be expensive with vet bills, farrier costs, boarding, grain, HAY not to mention all the tack brushes and of coarse treats! That go along with it. and now a days most of us don't have the extra money to spend on professional pictures or things of that nature because they can be too expensive. BUT we all want special pictures of our beloved 4 legged friends that we can cherish long after they leave us. I understand the expenses having 4 horses myself and being raised with them my whole life, that is why I don't feel the need to charge outrageous prices for my time. It is something I enjoy doing. Message me with any questions you may have including pricing and I will gladly answer. I am willing to travel throughout most of the state although it may affect the price a little just based on the gas it takes to get there and back home to Augusta.. Feel free to contact me with any questions ***These images are not to be used for any purpose, they are copy-written and not for distribution. In other words these are my personal and intellectual property, just like any of these images I post on my business page any unauthorized use or distribution of this is considered theft and will be pursued***

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